Repair Services

Resolving Your Vehicle Concerns Through Outstanding Repairs

Whenever you need of reliable car maintenance, repair, and electrical services, turn to B.N. Automotive. Our team of mechanics has what it takes to provide you with a variety of services such as:


We only use parts and products of the highest quality.

Oil Change

This is a simple process that helps improve the fuel economy of your car.

Engine Repair

Our work enhances overall vehicle lifespan while maximizing performance.

Transmission Repair

We keep your automatic or manual transmission in tiptop shape.


Our team makes sure that your heat exchanger is running as it should.



Avoid bumpy rides and drive with ease whenever you’re on the road.


This is a system that must be properly maintained so you always have steady control of your car.

Air Conditioning

Is your vehicle not getting cold enough? Let us inspect your auto to ensure that you’re comfortable during hot weather.


Your engine has complex parts that may wear out over time. That’s why we’re here to replace those components, which in turn fosters efficiency and safety.


To help you start your car easily, we keep your electrical system working at peak condition.

Complete Preventive Maintenance Services

Get the care and protection your vehicle needs to avoid any costly repairs in the long term.

State Inspections

This is necessary for legal and safe driving wherever you go.

Talk to Our Mechanics

Please get in touch with our team for additional information.